until the morning comes... (MADE IN KÖLN 2016)

until the morning comes... by Lisa Bless
in collaboration with Maximilian Bach

.A live-installation. A research about how the different layers in electronic music can be translated into the body and vice versa. Lisa Bless and Maximilian Bach created two live-sets, one for movement and one for sound, with the same elements that can pair up or stand alone.

Their dialogue is expressed through a language of technology. It is a dream world with no linear time. It is the screen for your projections. A constant loop of past and present, somewhere in a virtual universe. 

The Music

What does it do to me?

It makes my attention go inwards.

It makes me get lost in time and space.

Through the continuous, repetitive beat it brings me in a trance state.

Not thinking anymore.
There is…a freedom of letting go,

But also a melancholic feeling,

 a sadness, a longing.
This music…
it creates images in my head.

A certain space,

Another world.



Zooming in on certain people, certain movements and moments.
It’s the blurry image of a memory.
A community.
Searching for a high,
an escape from reality.
In this other parallel universe,

Where time and space do not matter,

where one can be whoever one wants to be.

Searching for a connection with someone,

A longing not to be alone.

A human touch in a technological world....
And in the end, the next day…

Only blurry memories are left,

like a dream.

Did all of this really happen?

Lisa Bless