by Lisa Bless

(Length: ca. 25 min)



Is it time? Not sure… I think it’s too late. I don’t know … maybe it was too early but now it’s too late


Caught in a loop. My skin feels like a prison. It is a strange place, maybe you want to come and visit?
My body is a creature of its own, in which my mind is running circles – incomplete.






Dance & Choreography: Lisa Bless


Technical Support: Gonçalo Lobato
Costume Advice: Renata Lamenza

Dramaturgical Support: Gonçalo Lobato, Ricardo Ambrózio, Martina Ambrózio, Catarina Teixeira, Sara Janaskovic, & Joany Uranka

Special Thanks for Artistic support to Ted Stoffer, Iñaki Azpillaga, Robert Hayden and of course Performact



Peder Mannerfelt - Lines describing a circle & Collapsion

Petit Singe - NIX
The caretaker - I feel as I might be vanishing

Martin Kohlstedt - ksy


Lisa Bless

​Lisa Bless. Dancer/Performance Artist/ Choreographer.

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